It's a glorious moment when you read or hear something that completely restores your faith in humanity. And, I had one of those moments today! *Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed* Oooh, what is this? One Woman's Brave Email is Helping to Break the Mental Health Stigma A woman had put an out of office reply... Continue Reading →

Warning: potential spoilers and trigger warning. This is only an opinion and view of mine.  As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, the article title that many have feared has finally been published: "Thing we all feared would happen after '13 Reasons Why' has happened" A 23 year old sadly died in... Continue Reading →

As I was watching the jewel that is Australian brekky television, a discussion around "period leave" was on; that businesses should have an additional 12 days leave a year for women to take. When I first saw the headline across the bottom of the screen I initially thought "hmm, why not?" However, as I started to listen... Continue Reading →

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