“Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”

I may not have lived through the 7 years of Pretty Little Liars but rest assured, binge watching all 7 seasons in the past couple of months has consumed my all being. I am a die hard, hardcore #PLL fan! And how about that A.D reveal!?!? I’ll admit I am a bit upset because a stupid thread on Facebook hinted at the theory earlier on and subconsciously I was looking for “Spencer’s Evil Twin.”


Nonetheless, I’m devastated it’s over! It’s like a part of me has dissolved too #obsessed.


What will always live with me (besides the fashion sense of the girls; which was on point by the way!) is EZRIA *screams internally*.


Just quietly: if that ain’t #goals, then I don’t know what is.

#EZRIA has all the elements of an addictive dynamic: forbidden love (when he is standing up at the front of the classroom and they both realise “holy shit”, I was glued to the TV!), age difference, drama, sex appeal, and obviously are both gorgeous specimens. I shipped them from day one and was living vicariously through their relationship. I cringed at all their cheesy jokes, I smiled when Ezra would serenade Aria with love, I cried when life got too hard and they would go their own ways.

All of the girls each had their own love interests but for some reason I really clicked with Aria and Fitz. The element of their relationship, in my eyes, gave the show a different dimension to explore. Not disregarding Spoby, Haleb or Emison but Ezria had a maturity platform that could be and was explored. The ups and downs they had endured together were relatable; more realistic even.

From when we find out that Fitz had initially targeted Aria because of his interest in Alison – I was absolutely shattered – to when Nicole comes back after months of not knowing if she survived on hers and Ezra’s trip overseas – both farfetched from a realistic situation but similar principles and emotions apply. I think this is what really resonated with me about these two. You could picture yourself as Aria going through those wonderful, euphoric highs and numbing lows – which by the way, I was right there with you Aria!

Their complete puzzle piece drew me in. They fit perfectly together in all situations.

In the end, they prevailed! (Thank god. I probably would have rioted if they didn’t end up together… just saying). True love always wins 😉

“Now introducing Mr and Mrs Fitz.” YESSSSSS. Endgame, bitches.




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