I am a huge Geordie shore fan and secretly (as with many others) want Aaron and Marine to live happily ever with cute little Geordie babies #Maaron! So as I was getting my daily fix of them from Instagram, I noticed a few posts from Marnie, Aaron and Gary with one thing in particular the same.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.19.44 am

#ThrupleGoals #Thruple 

I first assumed that it meant what the smushed words were saying: a couple but with three people. I thought it was a cute play on words and clearly matched the photos of the 3 of them together (obviously Gary being the third wheel. #Maaron fans are screaming!). It wasn’t until I saw a segment on The Project where they interviewed a ‘throuple’ that I realised it is actually a thing and not some cute ploy on social media.

A husband and wife had agreed to be in an open relationship which grew into inviting another woman in; becoming the girlfriend. As they continued to speak, the wife revealed that she too had a boyfriend external to the throuple relationship.


I’ll admit as a woman my first thought was ‘how the fuck does she do it? Isn’t that tiring trying to balance two men? Don’t you get jealous? I would get jealous – why aren’t you getting jealous!?’ I eventually calmed my thoughts down and continued to watch. The husband stated that he is okay with his wife having another partner as long as they all communicate it.

I couldn’t wrap my head around the spider web. This couple was married with a live-in girlfriend and a boyfriend on the side (as long as the wife communicates it to the husband)….?


After this, I did some Googling to try and get myself up to speed. I was confused as hell. This relationship on TV left a bad taste in my mouth. I interpreted it to be male-controlled and I wasn’t quite down with that.

So I found out two things:

  • Polygyny is a relationship where it is one man with several women, and
  • Polyandry is a relationship where it is one woman with several men

Okay, so there is some sort of equality here. I can breathe now. (It may have just been the guy on the interview giving me the creeps or something…)

But hey, I was still confused… Was either of these #thruplegoals?

In an article published on PRIDE.com, they asked Drag Queen Derrick Barry about his own throuple relationship. I was very interested in Derrick’s answers. He revealed both pros and cons to the dynamic. What spoke to me from his answers was that they gave it credit for what it actually is and this was understood by the 3 of them. He spoke of inclusion and that they don’t intentionally ‘pair-up’ and always do things as 3. They even upgraded their bed to a king size so all 3 of them can sleep in the same bed together! (Awww yes!).


Derrick’s Number 13 answer really stood out to me and it showed that a dynamic like this can have maturity.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.36.30 pm
Snippet from PRIDE.com article with Drag Queen Derrick Barry. https://www.pride.com/gay/2016/12/23/15-questions-about-throuple-relationships-answered-derrick-barry-herself

#ThrupleGoals or #Polygyny or #Polyandry won’t be trending on my own Insta posts nor will I be actively practicing but Derrick’s mature and clear interview has given me the ability to respect the ‘throuple’ dynamic.

I’m a one person kinda gal but hey, if it tickles your fancy-



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  1. Just reading about it made me tired. I want to know what happens when they aren’t happy, how do arguments work? It’s nice that people be in throuples but I can barely find one guy 😅


    1. I know what you mean! Lol. In the article I referenced, he also talks about the third person being a kind of mediator between the two who are arguing…. which could work in a friendship situation, I guess. I’m not sure how it works in a relationship way though! We are only human so some sort of jealousy feelings are bound to arise, right? 🙂

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