Is money a deal breaker?

Money can buy you lavish things. Money can ensure you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and a warm shower to jump in. However you use your income, do you believe that simple fact of how much that dollar figure is becomes a deal breaker with partners and friends?

There are always different types of people who discuss money:

  • Those who are proud but don’t mean to parade it in others’ faces
  • Those who are proud and want to parade it in others’ faces
  • Those who don’t like to discuss their earnings
  • Those who complain that they are never earning enough

If anyone was to maliciously wave their fortune in front of my face as a way to gain a reaction from me then yeah, I would have an issue. The issue though would be with your behaviour, not the value on your payslip. If you are purposely trying to get a rise out of me then that shows your character regarding other aspects of life. I don’t want to constantly be in competition with someone else?

I’ve experienced both normal, retail, weekend working wages and now I’m experiencing a higher paying wage which has shown me the ability to live a different lifestyle. Money will determine your lifestyle; it’s the commodity to live. I will never apologise for the opportunity I have been given but I am also the person who will never punish others for not having the same.

So, what are your thoughts? Does a too high or too low income become a deal breaker for you? Does this affect your relationships with others?

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