So I've been experiencing a bit of writers block. Actually, no; I'll be honest. The topics I would like to explore may become too vulnerable for me to handle ergo, writers block. I was staring at my computer screen and noticed the empty Coffee Club cup that I've neglected to put into the rubbish. That... Continue Reading →

With technology advancing so quickly, its easy to feel like your life is becoming stagnant in comparison. The world is constantly changing and I want my life to reflect those changes: fast, fun, new. However, that is not the case and I find that I secretly beat myself up over it. I mean, I know... Continue Reading →

And a friend said to me, "If you can answer that for all drunk people, you will have found the meaning of life for everyone." So tell me if this calculation makes sense: Alcohol + heels + concrete + running around playing tiggy = hospital on a Sunday morning            ... Continue Reading →

I am a huge Geordie shore fan and secretly (as with many others) want Aaron and Marine to live happily ever with cute little Geordie babies #Maaron! So as I was getting my daily fix of them from Instagram, I noticed a few posts from Marnie, Aaron and Gary with one thing in particular the... Continue Reading →

Warning: potential spoilers and trigger warning. This is only an opinion and view of mine.  As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, the article title that many have feared has finally been published: "Thing we all feared would happen after '13 Reasons Why' has happened" A 23 year old sadly died in... Continue Reading →

As I was watching the jewel that is Australian brekky television, a discussion around "period leave" was on; that businesses should have an additional 12 days leave a year for women to take. When I first saw the headline across the bottom of the screen I initially thought "hmm, why not?" However, as I started to listen... Continue Reading →

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